Thursday, April 12, 2007

Curtain Call... will the members of ENG 217 please take a bow? (or at least pat yourself on the back a little)

Alright all jokes aside, I would now like to close out the semester with a true ode to our class.
Wow. I think that three letter word sums up a good amount of our semester. The transformation of our class as a whole and as individuals in this short semester is almost ridiculous. I know I cannot speak for everyone but coming into class January 9th clutching a sweaty add/drop slip in my trembling freshman hand I did not have the slightest idea of what I was getting myself into. Priya’s first lecture about what class would entitle, what would be expected of us, and what she aimed for us to leave with calmed any of my would-be fears (sorry Professor, you just hadn’t honed your intimidation skills that day) and only made me subtly speed walk my way to the front of class hoping for a signature. A week later, after falling head over heals into Dogeaters,
I knew that my passion for writing was beginning to reform, something I had thought I lost about a semester and a half into my junior year of high school after a certain 20 page research paper drained me of any fire, fervor, and commitment I had to the English language. On that first day, Priya had mentioned that one of her biggest concerns for each and every one of us was that we improved as writers throughout the course of the semester. Bingo! I am proud to say that (even if Professor Jha thinks otherwise) I feel I have improved ten-fold as a writer and that passion I once thought I had lost had only been smothered for a few years. It’s the end of the semester and with several essays, a number of blogs, and a few novels tucked under my belt I feel accomplished and a little enlightened. If I were any sort of Lit. or Creative Writing major I would already be signed up for Professor Jha’s fall course (especially since there is the added promise of food involved!) but even though this course almost twisted my arm into changing majors I will continue on my pre-med track and be content with what I will be taking away from this course. I know I am not the only person who walked out of that class today a better writer and a better student. Our final presentations and the class discussion surrounding them showed the strength, skills, and knowledge we have all gained during the course of this semester. Wow. I had to throw it in there again, I mean come on, don’t you think we deserve it? I do.

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