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I remember Dr. Jha stating that it would be neat to predict how the book would convert on stage. So I figured that it is a fun and neat challenge to construct a script for the chapter entitled “Paradise.” There are some minor changes here and there to allow for the story to work on stage. I hope you guys enjoy it!


Setting: Manila, Phillipines

Act 1: The Club

The excitement is in the air. Buildings including the slums are getting a fresh coat of paint. Finally, it is coming.

Voices off stage:

“And so the First Lady ordered them to continue building…”
“I will see him and smile, just wait that director will see me and want to take me to America!” giggles
“Three hours ago! They built over the dead. At least it is completed. I wonder who is going to be attending?”
“Talagang sirang ulo.”
“It is here!” “The film festival.”

A thin yet handsome man dances on stage, spinning his records. He is surrounded by mirrors. Two men walk in. The thin man continues to dance as the two other men sit at the bar. Eventually the DJ stops and takes a break. During this pause, a flamboyant man walks up to the DJ.

CHIQUITING: That man over there…he told me that he wanted to talk to you. He is so lovely—di ba? He said something about buying you a drink.

Shrugs, he walks off stage trying hard to conceal his resentment.

The DJ sighs, walks over to the bar, he is encountered by another man who can not hide his excitement. Eventually the three men drink and laugh until a voluptuous woman walks through the door with two large men following her. Cat calls, whistles fill the room as all eyes are on her and her tight short dress.

LOLITA LUNA: “Am I the only girl in here?”

She giggles and drunkenly approaches the German. She whispers into his ear as she grabs onto his arm. Then she smiles while she takes a sip of his drink. Disturbed she wants to be alone and teases her body guard. Angry at the comment she made, he lunges at her. The German steps in front of her, saving her. Time ticks by. The club is nearly empty. The DJ and German get up and leave together. The bar owner and employee look at each other and smile while shaking their heads.

Scene Ends

Act 2-Studio 54

Setting: 4:00 am

The DJ and German are being chauffeured.

RAINER: What are shower dancers?
JOEY: Studio 54. I know a guy named Boy-boy there. He enjoys it. The owner is a cop that has never been to New York. Music’s good. Young boys crowd the stage, lathering their bodies with soap and then rinse themselves with water.
RAINER: Are they hungry or greedy?
JOEY: looks confused They are hungry, so they perform. Audience pays to sit there, greedy to watch—
RAINER: Is that all they do? Rub soap on their bodies?
JOEY: I told you. How many times do I have to tell you? It’s a dance—
RAINER: Are they hard? Do they come onstage?
JOEY: Some.
Joey tired of being interrogated by the German, promises that they will go to Studio 54. The German decides to instead go directly to his house. Scene change. Huge Bedroom. Snorts cocaine and heroin. Then they drink cognac.

JOEY: We are in paradise now.
RAINER: Will you stay with me Joey? I’m scheduled to be here one week. You’ll stay with me ever night, won’t you? I’ll take good care of you.
JOEY: all week?
RAINER: Yes. Night and day. Don’t leave for one moment.

Morning. The German refuses to part with his bag, which carries his most precious possessions: drugs, passport, plane ticket, notebook, pens, toothbrush, comb, and dollars.

JOEY: looks irritated You don’t need your passport at Studio 54.
RAINER: smiles You never know I might need to make a quick getaway.

They stop in the coffee shop. Scene change. Tiny mirrors and bright plastic banners cover the room.

WAITRESS: coffee?
RAINER: Black. Lots of sugar.
JOEY: coffee con leche.

Waitress leaves. The coffee shop is empty, except for another foreigner in the corner reading a newspaper.

RAINER: Have you ever been in love?
Joey is distracted by his coffee
RAINER: Joey. Did you hear me?
JOEY: Yes. And the answers no.
RAINER: I am a little in love with you, I think.
JOEY: looks confused A little? How can you be a little in love?
RAINER: Are you sorry I’m leaving?
JOEY: Sure Rainercito.
RAINER: I told you, goddammit. RAINER.
JOEY: Okay; Rainer. You want to be sorry? I’ll be sorry.
RAINER: Whoretalk. You’re too young to be so cynical, Joey. You enjoy hurting me, don’t you? This is foolish, I suppose. I’m much too old for you anyway…would you like to order breakfast now?
JOEY: nods and orders a large breakfast
Waiter brings food. Joey devours the food. The German does not eat a bite. The stranger in the corner begins to wave and starts approaching Rainer and Joey.
RAINER: Oh shit…
…a reporter..
Joey stands up
RAINER: Joey! Where are you going? Don’t leave me alone with this bore—
JOEY: Relax. I need cigarettes. You want some?
RAINER: Have the waiter get them. For god sake, Joey. I don’t even know the man’s name! He’ll bore me to tears—
JOEY: The shop in the lobby is closed. It’s too early. I have to go outside, find a street vendor…Don’t worry, Rainer. I’ll be right back—

The American journalist excitedly approaches Rainer. Rainer is distracted while Joey quickly grabs the bag underneath the table and walks off.

Scene Ends

Act 3-Paradise.

Scene: Hotel lobby.

Joey’s face is serious. His pace is steady. He calmly walks to the hotels front entrance. Quickly, he stops at the couch and hurriedly places the bag of drugs and money in his jeans pocket. He looks around. No one is watching, everyone is tired and distracted. He leaves the bag and the rest of Rainer’s belongings on the couch.


Joey looks outside of the lobby door as he notices the doorman is absent. Tires screech. Curious, he continues to stare out of the window and sees Senator Domingo run out of the stopped car. The senator quickly runs past him.

Crashing noise fills the scene. An explosion. Joey drops to the ground, hiding his head. The scene goes dark. A spotlight shines on the assassinated senator, illuminating the splattered blood on the lobby’s carpet. Screams fill the theater. Bellhops and waitresses stand over the senators body. Everyone is hysterical. Joey continues to look around and frantically runs off stage.

The American journalist and Rainer run into the lobby. Rainer is distraught, paranoid, looking in all directions. He looks as if he is about to cry…he is speechless. However, he is not focused on the dead corpse near his foot. He is looking for Joey. The reporter asks him something. He is unresponsive. The only words that could escape from his lips are…

REINER: …joey…

Scene End

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