Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What is in a dream?

Class on Thursday brought a lot of interest to me. For those who weren’t there or need a recap; we talked about the dreams in dogeaters. Mainly we focused on the President’s wives so I am going to go into detail on Alacarn’s dream.
Being a Psychology major I am even more intrigued by the concept of dreams. We touched a little on Freud’s psychoanalytical view, and repressed emotions. My personal view has been influenced by Freud but also has been backed up by scientific views. Throughout my studies of psychology I have come across a lot of experiments on dreams, but have come across one I feel makes the most sense. This experiment came to the conclusion that dreams come from both sides of the brain causing different reactions and consequences. When someone dreams from only the left side of their brain the following day they will be very dull and boring, due to the lack of creativity. If someone only dreams from their right side of their brain the following day they will be have problems comprehending and doing daily skills, do to lack of logic. Freud fits into this for me due to the images being dreamt.
In Alacarn’s dream I believe that she was dreaming manly from her right side of her brain, do to the vivid images and the creativity. The main part of the dream that sticks out as the underlying theme of her dream is; “In a final, pathetic attempt at saving herself, Girlie arches her back and thrust her hips in the air, offering her body to the surly boys. They are not interested.” (Page 180). I think that is so important because through Girlie’s life she has been trying to compete against Dasiy. She wants to have Daisy’s sex appeal and the attention she receives through everything that she does. I also believe that she jealously brings more and more pain to her.
Her desire not to be herself brings pain to her while she is awake and also when she sleeps. I think that when she was rejected by her own culture, this was devastating because her home is denying her. She wants to be someone else that she is setting herself up to always be the outsider; represented the beginning of her dream when she is with everyone that matters but isn’t part of them. This dream represents her insecurities in her life.

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